Monday, December 28, 2009

2009. . . . My year as Miss Rodeo Arkansas!

As I try to recall all that I have experienced over this past year, my mind is flooded with memories of people, places, and adventures. From Florida to Nevada and back again, I have traveled the width of the United States proudly carrying the title of Miss Rodeo Arkansas and sharing my love for the sport of Professional Rodeo. Reflecting on the long hours and hard work that I have put in over the past year makes me realize that I would not trade a single moment of it for any thing in the world. To put it simply..... My year was priceless!

It's hard to say which of the moments through out my year was the sweetest. Hearing my named being announced for the very first time at the South Eastern Circuit Finals in Florida, riding atop a stagecoach in Reno, Nevada, or having the bright lights of Vegas shining on me during the Miss Rodeo America Pageant. . . . . these are just a few of my many cherished memories. So many doors and even more hearts have been opened to me this year! I feel blessed to have so many new friends and to know how many caring people there are out there in our world. No matter which part of our state or country I found myself in, I always found a warm smile and a helping hand.

I know that as I did my part to help the sport of rodeo grow. . . . I myself grew. My confidence, speaking and interview skills, along with my organizational skills have grown immensley. After my a year of representing as Miss Rodeo Arkansas I feel like I can conquer anything that crosses my path! I hope that if during my year I left one lasting memory . . . that I was a strong role model for our youth. That they realize that any thing is possible! First you must believe in yourself and then be willing to put in the hard work to achieve your goals. It is never too late to go after your dreams..........

It has been both an honor and a pleasure to follow in the footsteps of the many amazing women before me and to serve as your 2009 Miss Rodeo Arkansas. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes and your hearts. The kindness and support I have recieved has been absolutly overwhelming. Thank you to all of my amazing sponsors throughout the year, it would have been hard to do with out all of your help. To my family. . . . You helped make my dreams a reality, I am so glad we shared this amazing adventure together. Thank you so much!

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. . . . . . reach for your dreams!

Your 2009 Miss Rodeo Arkansas
Micki Musick

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Daddy Of Them All!!!

Before I had ever even won the Miss Rodeo Arkansas crown........ I had dreamed of the day I would get the chance to ride one of Harry Volds famous black horses as I did a fly bye in Cheyenne, Wyoming!

I was very excited to be heading to Cheyenne, this was one trip that I had been looking forward to for a very long time. I arrived late in the afternoon just as the rodeo performance ended. I joined the other queens in signing autographs and Allie Bass Miss Rodeo Wyoming gave me the grand tour of the grounds. Wow! They got it right when they named it the Daddy Of Them All! The stands and arena were the biggest I had ever seen! As we walked through the crowd I felt as if I were in Hollywood. All the stars of our sport were present.

One of the neatest parts of this trip was visiting Arlene Kensingers home for her famous taco party! The tour of her house and memorabilia was priceless and the food was great. She really made all of us girls feel welcome. Arlene shared with us stories about her amazing life and all that she had accomplished. I could have stayed there forever and listened to her.

Friday morning we were up early and headed for the parade! This would be my first time riding one of Harry Volds horses and was looking forward to it! Each girl mounted their horses they had ridden earlier in the week, last but not least I received a horse "Snip." I was familiar with the horse because I had seen him at our Old Fort Days PRCA Rodeo in Arkansas. He was stunning and energetic ..... the perfect fit for me! Snip was a perfect gentleman and the parade was so much fun. It really surprised me how many people cheered for all the different state rodeo queens! That is what I call hospitality.

Next we were off to the rodeo! Prepared with chaps in hand, we rounded up our horses. Snip was ready to go! It didn't take long and we were lined up on the track preparing for our runs. I knew Snip was a fast horse and that our fly bye would be a quick one. My name was announced and down the track we went! Hooves pounding, dirt flying, I smiled and waved at the huge crowd that was watching. As I reached the end of my run and slowed Snip into a trot, I had to wipe my eyes........ they were watering from the speed and excitement all mixed into one! I wouldn't trade that experience for any thing in the world.

Then we made our way up to the media booth were we helped give live feed of the rodeo. I reported on my favorite event.... steer wrestling! "He is backing into the box, now he is nodding his head, and they are off..... " It was a lot of fun and the first time I had ever done a radio interview like that. We headed to the sponsor boxes to mingle and say thanks to all the amazing people who made the rodeo possible. It was great to be able to thank each of them in person. Soon the rodeo was over and after autograph signings we had some free time! Free time to a rodeo queens usually means shopping! With all the amazing booths and shops set up I couldn't resist.

We all made our way back to the arena for the concert that night. We would have the opportunity to introduce ourselves before the big show. The crowd was especially big that night because they had all come to see Taylor Swift! We each stepped up to the microphone and shared a little bit about our selves and the stated we were representing. The audience really seemed to enjoy hearing where each of us were from. The concert was great that night and we all had a amazing time together!

Saturday was the pancake breakfast in town square! Emma Glaspy Miss Rodeo Missouri and I were room mates and had gotten up extra early! Time passed slowly as we waited for our ride. Soon we realized that we had been forgotten. A few phone calls and we were on our way to town, laughing about what had happened on the way there. Soon after arriving Emma and I were led away and dressed in aprons. We were not sure what was in store for us. That day I discovered a hidden talent of mine..... pancake flipping! We helped flipped dozens of pancaked that morning. I'm proud to say I didn't drop a single one.

Again we introduced ourselves to the crowd and signed autographs. It was neat to see the entire community really come out and show their support for this event. I met so many people and had a really wonderful time. We headed back to the rodeo and again met with sponsors and thanked them. This time we were invited to take a tour of the chutes. I couldn't believe it, we actually stood on the back of the chutes while the riders prepared for their events. That is what I call up close and in person. It really was a treat to see how the cowboys adjusted their equipment and prepared themselves for their rides.

The rodeo went by quickly and we signed more autographs. The lines of people were amazing! Each day we would meet groups of people as we signed hats and posed for pictures. It was the least we could do to show the fans our appreciation for all of their support.
Once again we had some down time before the concert, so a group of us climbed into Amber Dell Miss Rodeo Tennessee's truck and headed to the local steak house. The lobby was lined with cowboys who had the same idea. Here we met bull rider and bull riding director Fred Boettcher. He was nice enough to pose for some pictures with all of us rodeo queens. It was a great meal and we all had a wonderful time talking with each other and sharing stories. Soon we had to head back to the arena, the only problem was none of us knew exactly how to get back. After an hour of exploring the country side we finally found our way back to the grounds. Another priceless memory from my year as Miss Rodeo Arkansas.

We were all excited for the concert...... Kenny Chesney! One at a time we were each escorted to the front of the stage where we could take pictures of Kenny. Wow, what an experience! I wish I could have spent more time in Wyoming at the Daddy Of Them All. . . . but down the road I had to go.

The next morning I headed to the airport, thinking about the short 3 day stay in Cheyenne and all the wonderful memories I was leaving with. My dream had come true and it was more than I could have ever imagined!
I would like to thank Arlene Kensinger for all her hospitality and for making it possible for us to visit Cheyenne. Thank you to my host family for all their kindness. Thank you to all the sponsors who make rodeos like this one and others possible.

Micki Musick
Miss Rodeo Arkansas

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Richest Rodeo In the West!

One of my many out of state trip led my to Reno, Nevada! By now I have gotten used to the early morning security run through and the airport workers and I are on a first name basis! It's always good to see the friendly face of a new acquaintance.

I was excited to hear that I would be staying with Patsy Ulch and her daughter and past Miss Rodeo America Selena Ulch Pope would be there for the week as well. I was looking forward to meeting them both as I attended the Reno PRCA Rodeo! I knew I would be seeing some awesome rodeo talent while I was there.

I landed in the Reno airport ready for an adventure! Waiting for my luggage and feeling extra chipper, I smiled widely as a young man approached me. I wondered what kind of question I would receive this time. I always love meeting and talking with people in the airports, It a great place to share what I know about the sport of professional rodeo with them. The young man looks me over and asks, " Are you here for the car show?" A little stunned at first by his question, I smiled and cheerfully replied, " No. . . I'm here for the Reno PRCA Rodeo!" He chuckled at me and said, " I know that. . . . . I'm a stand up comedian." The joke was on me! We both laughed as we grabbed our bags.

My weekend was already off to a great start. I felt privileged to be picked up from the airport by Selena herself. She greeted me with a big smile and I could definitely tell why she had been chosen as Miss Rodeo America! We had a short ride together and then she dropped me off with the other visiting queens. I could not believe my luck. . . . . One of my best friends Miss Rodeo Utah Ranea Cowley was there. I hopped in with her and we were on our way.

It was lunch time when I arrived and Renea being awesome like always suggested ice cream!!! It was a wonderful treat and then we were off to the rodeo! First thing we headed to the mutton busters. We helped each of them get their protective vests on just right and make sure their helmets were secure! Some of them looked a little nervous, but a round of Simone Says changed that in a hurry.

We helped them onto their sheep and then again as they waived to the crowd after their rides. Shortly after we were seated in the stand were we could make sure and see all the action. There were so many great cowboys there. . . Blaire Burke, JoJo Lemond, World Champion Team Roper Randon Adams, Kaycee Fields. . . . The list went on and on. We were invited to ride in the stage coach that night as Selena road up top! We all waived to the audience as we were each announced. I had never been in a stage coach before and it was one wild ride! I couldn't wait to do it again the next night.

Afterwards we signed autographs along side the cowboys. We sat there for over an hour, the line never seemed to get any shorter. It was great to see so many excited fans willing to wait to get all of our signatures.

The next morning Patsy took us on a trip to Virginia City! It was an old mining town and the streets were filled with tourists. We visited old gambling halls, saloons, and we even went on a tour of an old mine shaft. There were so many neat gift shops and sights to see. I was so glad she had shared this neat place with us. We all had lunch together and then we headed back to get ready for the rodeo.

We had some extra time before the rodeo, so we watched some of the Bob Fiest Invitational! So many talented cowboys were competing. I wish we would have had more time to watch. We couldn't be late for the special kids rodeo though. There were so many excited children to meet and to help with all of the events. We were then invited to help sing the National Anthem at the start of the rodeo! Even though there was a large group of us I still got a little bit nervous. That was a first for me, I had never been asked to sing before.

Once again we helped the mutton busters get ready. We taught them how to stretch just like the PRCA cowboys do. It was a lot of fun to be able watch each of them ride and to give them a high five when they were done! I can see there is a lot of potential for the future of the sport of rodeo.

I was looking forward to the ride in the stagecoach again. I was surprised when they told me that I would ride on top that night. I climbed up the large wheel and was seated next to the driver. He told me to hold on tight. . . . . the team of horses had run away before. Then he gave me a quick grin. Either way I held on just in case.

I felt privilege to be able to be seated up top where just the night before Selena had been seated. Another fantastic experience that I will probably never have the chance to do again. I waived and smiled as they announced my name and state! I feel very blessed to be representing Arkansas this year, it has been an amazing honor.

I signed autographs that night again and I believe the line was even longer than before. So many amazing rodeo fans. I can see why. . . when there was so many amazing rodeo athletes at one phenomenal event. As Patsy drove me back that night we had the opportunity to talk. She was such a wonderful person. I am so glad I had the opportunity to stay with her and her family.

The next morning I was packed and ready to head back home. It had been a quick trip to Reno, but a very eventful one!

I would like to say thank you to the Ulch Family for hosting me during my stay in Reno, NV. I had such a wonderful time getting to know each of you. Thank you to the Reno Rodeo Committee for letting us be involved with their rodeo and for the once in a lifetime stagecoach rides! Thank you once again the Miss Rodeo Utah Ranea Cowley. . . you always make the trip fun!

Micki Musick

Miss Rodeo Arkansas

An eventful Arkansas summer!

Wow! The summer months certainly did go by quick. It seemed like I was hardly ever at home. . . only a couple days at a time between my trips! The experiences and adventures I took part in were more than worth it though.

The road lead me first to what I consider to be my hometown rodeo! The Old Fort Days Rodeo in Fort Smith! What an honor it was for me to represent at this rodeo as not only Miss Rodeo Arkansas, but as 2008-2009 Miss Rodeo Old Fort Days as well! It was a week full of family, friends, and fun. I was pleased to also be joined by Michelle Blake Miss Rodeo Oklahoma!

The Miss Rodeo Old Fort Days Pageant kept our days busy and our nights were filled with amazing rodeo performances. Great cowboys like PRCA World Champion Bull rider J.W. Harris kept us all on the edge of our seats. Plus you can always count on the "Duke of the Chutes" Mr. Harry Vold to provide superb animal athletes! John Payne "the One Arm Bandit" kept the audiences cheering for more each night as well.

The rodeo went by fast and before I knew it we were crowning the new Miss Rodeo Old Fort Days. . . . Stephanie Kappel. The week was over before I knew it and I was sad to see the audiences leave the Harper stadium on the last night. I wish it could have lasted another 7 days.

My next stop was Springdale for the Rodeo Of The Ozarks! I couldn't help but be excited to be attending one of the top five outdoor rodeos of the year. With 5 time stock contractor of the year Stace Smith I knew it would be an amazing event.

Once again I helped with the Miss Rodeo of the Ozarks pageant. Four very talented young women were vieing for the title. I couldn't pick a favorite, so I cheered for all four! Pajama parties, concerts after the rodeos (The Bellamy Brothers were my favorite!!!) , and modeling stylish western outfits at Cavendars Western Store were just a few of the highlights during the week. Although I'm sure that none of us will forget A-1 the bull. During the special kids rodeo a few of the girls decided to get their picture taken on A-1 just as all of the kids had. One queen contestant quickly turned into three piled on his back. Long story short. . . A-1 must not have liked rodeo queens much because he sat right down on his hind end. Each of the girls fell off one by one in slow motion. The looks on each on of their faces was absolutely priceless. All the helpers and children got quiet a good laugh.

Since Rodeo Of the Ozarks is held during the 4th of July weekend also known as Cowboy Christmas it was action packed. The cowboys and cowgirls were working extra hard for their money that weekend. It was exciting to be in the arena with such amazing talents like PRCA bullfighter Clay Collins, pick-up man Jason Bottoms, two time announcer of the year Boyd Polhamus. I was also honored to have my picture taken with my favorite PRCA cowboy Billy Etbauer!! Specialty act " Wild Thing " Tim Lepard and his Team Ghost riders ("aka" talented dog riding monkeys) were also nice enough to stop for a photo with me!

I was giving a very special honor during this rodeo. At the 4th of July performance I led the Grand Entry with Old Glory. I then posted our country's flag as the National Anthem played. Sitting in the center of the arena with the American flag on the 4th of July while thousands sang along. . . . . . . . words cannot describe that feelings that I felt. That is a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Down the road I went once again! From one end of the state to the other. . . . . . the Crossett PRCA Rodeo was my next destination. Here I met one of the nicest announcers of the sport of rodeo, Mr. Scott Grover.("aka" named by the locals as Scrot by accident and it stuck!) He made as many public appearances as we queens did. He was great to work with during radio interviews, luncheons, and at the rodeo as well.

I spent my week in Crossett with an extra big smile on my face. All because of one of my favorite legendary funny men Lecile Harris. During one of our luncheons we had the opportunity to hear him speak about his life. Even without his make-up and props he can still make a room roar with laughter. What a pleasure it was to experience a week full of his talent.

Earlier in the year I had attended a PRCA rodeo in Forrest City. I had thought for certain that was the muddiest I would ever be in my life ........ I was very wrong! The first night of the rodeo there was going to be no grand entry. They had no one to post the colors or to lead the grand entry due to the very flooded arena conditions. This sounded like the perfect job for me! So after sweet talking a few people and convincing them that I did know what I was getting into, I started off the rodeo with Old Glory flying! As I exited the arena I couldn't help but look at my white hat, chaps, and Wranglers. . . . . . they were caked in mud! Thanks Amber, Miss Teen Rodeo Arkansas for being cowgirl enough to follow my lead :) We made a good team!!

Each night we helped stock contractor Charley Lowry push cattle and carry sponsor flags. Then after each performance, my horse Dotty and I would get hosed down.........literally! Thanks to the rodeo committee for giving us a trailer spot next to the water faucet! Each nightI would return to my room and start scrubbing the mud off my banner, hat, chaps, and clothes once more! Just a small price to pay to be part of such an amazing sport!

My path has lead me to gain so many wonderful memories and new found friends. I would like once again say thank you to all of the Rodeo Committees for all of their hard work. Each one of you made me feel welcome in your towns and at your rodeos. Thank you to Pat Hutter for making the Miss Rodeo Ozarks Pageant such a success! Thank you to all my friends at Rodeo Of The Ozarks. . . Dodd Family, Tyler, Jill, and Melinda. . . . . you made my trip a great one. To Lynn Spain for letting me take part in The Old Fort Days Pageant once again. Thank you to the Old Fort Days Rodeo Committee it was a pleasure to represent you. I loved getting to know each and every one of you. To Celeste White of Creative Leather & Tack for letting me visit with every one in your tent each night after the rodeo.( you will always be my favorite Celestey, I love my chaps!!!) A big thank you to all the visiting royalty and all the pageant contestants, I had a great time with all of you.

" Life is not a destination. . . but the road that you travel to get there."

Micki Musick

Miss Rodeo Arkansas

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I never imagined myself being so excited to visit the "potato state." Since the day I received the phone call saying that I was chosen to represent at the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo that's the only word that could describe me... EXCITED! It was truly an honor to be invited to such a prestigious event, definitely one of the highlights of my year!

My early morning flight out of Little Rock had me headed off to my first destination of the week, Salt Lake City, Utah. Seeing the snow covered mountains again was an amazing way to start out my trip. Upon landing at the airport I was greeted by one of my best friends Miss Rodeo Utah Ranea Cowley! She was quiet a site that day. . . decked out head to toe as she hopped out of her fabulous sponsor truck. My favorite part was her curlers and dark sunglasses. (Almost as good as a scene out of an Elvis movie.) This is when I knew it was going to be a fabulously fun trip!

From there we headed back to Ranea's home to pick up the rest of the gals. Miss Rodeo Arizona Casey Rose and Miss Rodeo Wilderness Regan Torres would be my family for the week. Our first obstacle to overcome was fitting all our precious luggage into the bed of the truck. 12 suitcases, 4 hat cans, and a couple extra bags later. . . . we were on the road. Now that is what I call a road trip!

We were the first to arrive in Pocatello, Idaho. After cramming our bags into every nook and cranny of our cozy room (by cozy I mean 4 rodeo queens sharing one bathroom mirror) we ventured out to meet our chaperone's for the week. Miss Carma is one lady I'm sure I will never forget. Always the life of the party and just a joy to be around, she was responsible for all of us queens being able to be at the rodeo. We also met Janet, Stan, and Bob, our official chaperone's and drivers. Once the other girls arrived we prepared for the event that was scheduled for us that evening.

Each of us were announced that night at the DNCFR opening banquet. We had a chance to model our beautiful dresses and mingle with the cowboys and sponsors. The night ended with an amazing round of rubber ducky roping in the pool. That was the first time I had ever witnessed any thing like that.

Our first morning there was such a blast. We arrived at the Holt arena where we were given a very special gift. Each of us received a hand tooled flag boot with our names on them donated by Shane Passey. It was such a toughtful gift that I will cherish and use for many years to come. Then we were off to meet with one of the stock contractors for the DNCFR. We met Steve Sutton and his sorrel horses that day. As I looked down the long row of horses I was excited to hear that would would be allowed to pick which horse we would be riding. I picked a tall well built horse by the name of Gilbert. We all headed into the arena to test out our new rides. My sorrel partner Gilbert was quiet a character. We hit it off right away, he was all get up and go! There wasn't any thing slow about that horse. Gilbert really was awesome and it made for a sensational week.

After we finished working on our flag routine we headed to some schools to teach the kids about RODEO! Miss Rodeo Arizona and I were paired together to teach the 4th and 5th graders. The older kids really seemed excited to hear about rodeo and they had so many fantastic questions for us. We finished up with some autographs for all the students and then we headed to the hotel to get ready for the first performance of the rodeo. We helped start the rodeo off with our flag routine we had practiced. All the horses and girls looked great, It felt so amazing to be taking part in such a great event. We also took turns carrying sponsor flags and doing victory laps with the cowboys and cowgirls. There was so much actions at the rodeo that night, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Thursday morning we had our choice of placed to visit. . . photo shoots at the Harley Davidson store, visiting with College students, or visiting the children's hospital. Miss Rodeo Mississippi Kelly Jackson, Miss Rodeo Iowa Lindsey Arenholts, Miss Rodeo Arizona Casey Rodeo, and Myself all headed for the Portneuf Medical Center Pediatrics Ward. There weren't many children to visit, but the ones we did find got their fill of us. We talked with them, signed autographs, and took pictures. . . . It was so much fun for all of us. I have to admit the PRCA Bullfighters Dusty Tuckness and Al Sandvoid did get most of the attention from the children that day.

During our visits that day we had some local newspapers following us to see what rodeo queens were all about. It was a wonderful surprise to open the newspaper the next morning and find an article filled with my comments along with a picture of all of us on the front page.

When the hospital visits were done we headed to the senior citizens homes to make some visits. This is one of my favorite parts about being a queen. From experience with my own great grandpa, I know how much these people truly appreciate us taking to time to stop by, even if it is just for a short time. I loved talking with all of the folks and even met one woman that was 101 years old. The best part was that she had originally been from Arkansas! I always love meeting new people and learning about them.

It was another amazing round of PRCA rodeo that night. Of course I cheered extra loud for one of my favorite Arkansas cowboys Justin Koon! The crowd numbers grew each night, it was an amazing sight to see the Holt arena full of people wearing pink! The people in Pocatella were definitely tough enough to wear pink. It's a good feeling to look up in the stand and see how many people care about raising money for such an awesome cause.

Friday was another exciting day in Idaho! We all went on a tour of the Idaho College Theater. We learned about equipment, stages, and we even got to play in the costumes. Miss Rodeo America Maegan Riddley even sported a sumo costume for all of us. We all had a good laugh over it. Later that afternoon we headed to Wal Mart to help raise money for the Children's Hospital. They split us into two teams and so we made it into a competition to see who could raise the most money. I'm glad to say that our team of AL, CA, AZ, FL, IL, and NB was victorious in raising the most money that day!

Later we headed to the Cowboy Expo where we did what most rodeo queens do best. . . . Shopping! There was jewelry, belts, and western decor every where. It was a good thing my suitcases were already at the 50 pound limit or else there would have been a lot of new shiny items headed home with me. A few of us had a chance to sneak away while the others shopped. We headed to the working horse sale. They had some really nice horses at the sale that day, good thing horses can't fit on a plain either.

The Friday night performance was fantastic! The seats were full and the crowd was excited to see some of the best athletes of our sport. The action got better each night, the cowboys and cowgirls were going all out. With a national title on the line and keys to a new dodge truck. . . who wouldn't be going all out?

Saturday morning we were up bright and early! Saturday meant two rounds of PRCA rodeo and an exceptional kids rodeo. I was super excited for the finals, but sad that the week was coming to an end. The first round of rodeo went by fast. Cowboy Church was held that afternoon before the exceptional rodeo. PRCA Bullfighter Dusty Tuckness gave the lesson, it always an honor to hear the cowboys speak. Cowboy Church is something I have really come to enjoy and look forward to at each rodeo I attend.

Finally the Finals were here! Each of us cheered for our favorite competitor, I was happy to see one of my personal favorites Kacey Fields win the saddle bronc event. There wasn't a dull moment that night. We watched as all seven event winners were handed keys to their new Dodge Trucks and their shiny Montana Silversmith buckles. As I travel and learn more about the sport and the people competing in it. . . it becomes more and more exciting! It's truly an honor to be a rodeo queen, I love representing something so amazing. Also that night a new Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo Queen was crowned. Congratulations to my good friend Stormy Henderson on her win! I know she will make every one proud.

Back at the hotel Saturday night we all said our goodbyes. I had some of the best roommates ever that week. I am so glad I had a chance to room with Casey and Ranae before their years came to an end. Both of these girls are amazing and have bright futures ahead of them. As for my fourth roommate Regan Torres Miss Rodeo Wilderness. . . . I am certain we will all see great things from her! Good luck girls in every thing you do!

Sunday morning came and we once again crammed our suitcases into the back of the Miss Rodeo Utah sponsor truck. Then we were headed back to Salt Lack City, Utah. We arrived early in Salt Lake and decided to have one last meal together before we headed our separate ways. After driving around for 45 minutes looking for a place to eat and not having any luck, we realized every thing was closed because it was Easter! We all laughed at each other for not remembering, it really had been a long week. So we said our goodbyes and I was back on the plane headed for home.

The DNCFR was such an exciting experience! I want to say thank you to Carma for making our trip there possible. You really went above and beyond to make our stay there a great one. Another thank you to Stan the man for driving our van! I think that Stans van was the best van! : ) A huge thank you to Steve Sutton for providing us all with amazing sorrel horses to ride during the week. It was a pleasure working with him, his crew, and his animals. Thank you Miss Rodeo Utah Ranae Cowley for your fabulous driving skills that got us to Pocatello and back home safely. Last but not least. . . THANK YOU to every one who made our week in Pocatello, Idaho so fabulous! That is one trip that none of us will ever forget!

"Be who you are. . . Say what you feel. . . those who mind don't matter & those who matter don't mind"

Micki Musick
Miss Rodeo Arkansas

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tough Enough To Wear Pink!

I am glad to say that I was tough enough to wear pink at the 4Th Annual Old Fort Days TETWP Fundraiser! I felt very honored to be invited to attend this event in which money is raised for the Donald W. Reynolds Cancer Support House.

The event consisted of a chili feast and live auction. Local auctioneer Charley Beavers kept the crowd bidding and laughing with his witty comments. Items such as western decor, tack, and even food were auctioned off. The highlight of the night was when a bidding war ended with some one paying $100.00 for a box of chocolate chip cookies.

I had the opportunity to sign autographs and help sell raffle tickets during the night. I even bought some raffle tickets for myself. Who wouldn't want to win a custom pair of Tough Enough To Wear Pink chaps?

I would like to send out a big thank you to Celeste White of Creative Leather & Tack for putting on such an amazing event and for inviting me to be a part of it. Also a huge thank you to all the people who attended and made it a success!

Micki Musick
Miss Rodeo Arkansas

Fun at the Forrest City PRCA Rodeo!

The time finally came, my very first home state rodeo as Miss Rodeo Arkansas! A short three and a half hour drive brought me and my family to the beautiful town of Forrest City! Dark clouds and overcast skies could not dampen my mood! I was ecstatic to be there!

After pulling in and showing my coggins papers, I headed to the arena where I found Miss Tonya of Universal Rodeo Company. I was given my duties for the weekend and then I headed to the stalls. After unloading my horse "Dotty" and making sure she had plenty of feed (sometimes I think I own a hippo instead of a horse) we all headed back to the hotel to get ready for that nights performance of the rodeo!

By rodeo time the sky had cleared and the bleachers were full. Along with Teen Miss Rodeo Arkansas Amber Schaffer we did grand entry, introduction runs, and carried sponsor flags. During the steer wrestling and tie down roping we helped along side the dodge pick-up men. We cleared cattle from the arena and kept the show running smoothly. We also fulfilled the job of cheering for our Arkansas cowboys. They represent us well.

I have always heard such amazing things about Wild Thing, but seeing him for myself was fantastic! He put on one amazing specialty act that night. Three little monkeys with chaps, vests, and there own saddles mounted on top border collies came out and stole the show! The crowd went crazy for them, clapping and cheering. The rodeo went by quickly and as it came to an end, I rode the final lap around the arena with the flag of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. What a perfect way to top off the night!

Saturday morning came and all the flash flood warnings from the night before came true. Rivers of water ran down the roads and puddles formed where ever they could. I could only imagine what the arena would have in store for us that night. The entire day was filled with buckets of rain and when rodeo time came it showed no signs of letting up. Cowboys, dodge pick-up men, and us queens all huddled in the small row of stalls with the horses. Dry spots were hard to come by that night. The arena looked like mud soup. The cowboys joked with us about being too pretty to get dirty, but they hadn't seen rodeo queens quiet like us before! We cowgirl'd up, saddled up and headed for the arena!!

As I entered the arena that night I felt my horse sink into the gooey mud. In some parts of the arena there was no bottom, just lakes of water that had formed. We helped worked out cattle once again, but the mud was no match for our horses. As they pushed their way through it effortlessly, the splashes of mud covered us. . . . . tack, chaps, hats, and all.

I have come to find that being horseback in the arena is really the best seat in the house. I was especially excited to be out there on this night. Former Miss Rodeo Tennessee and close friend Holly Scott Kurck and her husband were up in the performance that night. Steer wrestling in the mud may not be as fun as it looks. After each run the cowboys stood up looking like the Boggy Creek monster! It was quiet a site! On nights like that I see how much love there is for the sport of rodeo. Cowboys and cowgirls willing to work in the worst of conditions. Fans willing to stick it out to cheer for their favorite events. This is why I love being a rodeo queen!

Saturday night Wild Thing ended the rodeo with another delightful show. He invited all the kids to come out and compete in a dance competition. . . ...... in the mud! The first volunteer was my eleven year old little sister! I couldn't believe it! Five children made their way into the sticky arena that night. Each one danced their little hearts out. My sister even danced right our of her boots :-) One of her boots was lost in the deep mud and never recovered. . . but being awarded with a belt buckle made up for it. Wild Thing gave each of the children a PRCA National Finals Rodeo belt buckle for their participation.

I would like to stay thank you to Tonya & Mark of Universal Rodeo Company for letting us take part in the Forrest City Rodeo. A special thanks to Bobby Huckaby for getting us set up with all the information and a huge thank you to all the fans who stuck it out that weekend. You help make rodeo an amazing sport!

"It's the little things that make the biggest difference."

Micki Musick
Miss Rodeo Arkansas